Agriculture-Open Space District (A-O)

This district includes lands within the corporate limits of the city which are not subdivided and relatively undeveloped. It may also include those areas mentioned in Section 14.206. This district is designed to promote orderly, timely, economical growth and to recognize current conditions. It is a reserved area in which the future growth of the city can occur.

Residential 1 District (R-1)

This district includes lands within the city limits subdivided for single-family residential purposes and associated uses. The district is designed to provide sufficient, suitable, residential neighborhoods, protected from incompatible uses, provided with necessary facilities and services.

Residential 2 District (R-2)

This district contains lands within the city which have been subdivided for single-family residential purposes and associated uses as well as larger parcels of property which lend themselves to duplex. This district is for moderate densities. It may be utilized as a transitional zone between low density residential and commercial uses.

Light Commercial District (C-1)

This district includes uses of limited retail category intended for use near residential neighborhood areas for purposes of supplying day-to-day retail needs of the residents as well as visitors, such as food, drugs, and personal services.

Heavy Commercial District (C-2)

This district is composed of uses constituting retail goods and consumer services to residents of the urban and trade areas of the city, as well as visitors. The district also provides space for financial, administrative, and business services compatible with the function of the focal point of community activity and its intensive development.

Industrial District (M-1)

This district includes industrial activities and provides an environment exclusively for, and conducive to, the development and protection of such activities.

Historical District (H-D)

This district provides opportunities for the use of substantial land areas and buildings within the City of Gonzales which have unique qualities associated with the history and culture of the area and its people. An historical district is defined as an area which has outstanding historical, cultural, and architectural significance in the national, international, state, region, or community within which the buildings, structures, or appurtenances are of basic and vital importance for the preservation and development of culture and tourism because of their association with history.

Mobile Home District (M-H)

This district includes mobile home parks.

Source: City of Gonzales Code of Ordinances

Gonzales Zoning Map

Zoning boundaries, based off known information, for the City of Gonzales.

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